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What is RCM?

RCM is based on sustaining the functions of assets in their operating context and managing the consequences that are associated with the loss of such functions and can be applied to any area of the business. Originating in the commercially and safety conscious world of aviation, it is recognised as a key element of maximising the availability of assets with the consumption of minimal resources.

RCM can save an organisation money, but this is not always the only reason for applying RCM.

RCM is also an established method of complimenting a safety case and can alleviate the environmental impact of a business. This is becoming all the more important in todays litigious society.

RCM challenges traditional thinking and invites participants to pool knowledge and thus gain a better understanding of how assets behave in service. This gives the workforce involved ‘ownership’ of maintenance schedules and policy decisions. The outcome of this is that the right maintenance is conducted correctly and at the correct interval.

RCM is one of the most effective processes to ascertain and preserve the reliability and maintainability of assets. Xpedite is a Ministry of Defence (MoD) approved supplier of RCM consultancy and facilitation. We have vast experience of contract facilitation and through-life management of RCM databases. We have facilitated over 500 RCM analyses allowing the customer to realise:

RCM can also be used during the design stages of a project to identify and eliminate potential Operational and  Safety  problems.

The application of RCM does not have to be expensive or draining on resources. A maintenance schedule can be derived using RCM principles in a short timescale, for example, a fluid transfer system may take 2 days whereas more complex systems could take up to 20 days.

How does RCM work?

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