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Our Products

Maintenance Derived Forward Inventory (MDFI)

Scheduled maintenance is vital to ensuring any running machinery is available and working smoothly. However, logistically supporting these tasks can be time consuming, expensive and impact maintenance periods without proper planning. Additionally, ordering spares, tools and consumables in isolation for a planned maintenance event often results in duplicated items or large package sizes (e.g. oils or tools), or a greater cost due to not buying in bulk. Finally, long lead time items can impact machinery uptime and affect products if not ordered in time. So how do we address this need?

Xpedite’s MDFI tool analyses a planned maintenance schedule and produces a pragmatic, cost effective, and robust logistical solution for all proactive maintenance tasks within a timescale determined by the customer. Spares, tools and consumables are identified and fed into a tailored algorithm that determines a date, location and maintainer based stock recommendation. That means the right items in the right place at the right time.

Emergent Stores Prediction (ESP)

Maintaining any physical asset inevitably means encountering defects and their corresponding corrective repair tasks, but how do we plan for this? Which spares, tools and consumable items do we need to conduct these corrective actions, and where should they be stored? Additionally, is it worth storing these items, and how many of them should be kept? Our ESP algorithm produces a tailored, proactive, location based inventory holding recommendation to manage corrective spares demands, simplifying asset support.

Leveraging Xpedite’s wealth of experience and knowledge in the ILS industry, the ESP algorithm pragmatically analyses the equipment data to produce an accurate demand picture, and a tailored recommendation defining what to stock and where. Customer Defined Variables (CDVs) transform the recommendation to tailor to individual business needs and required availability targets.

Maintenance Optimisation Tool (MOT)

Scheduled maintenance is essential to keep any system available and running smoothly. However, if that maintenance strategy is not tailored to your business, an organisation will encounter frequent periods of downtime to accommodate poorly planned maintenance activities, impacting asset availability and business goals. Let Xpedite’s Maintenance Optimisation Tool do the hard work.

Evaluating user defined lookahead values and optimisation tolerances, supplemented by analysis by our experienced personnel, the MOT utilises an algorithm employing a clustering technique to group maintenance activities into optimised maintenance events. This dramatically reduces the downtime required to conduct maintenance, whilst demonstrating a clear resource loading plan to support the asset moving forward. The model can be iteratively run to find a solution that fits your business need.

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