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Data Engineering

Due to the increasing importance of data in the management of engineering systems, Xpedite has become adept at developing software-based tools to handle the analysis of our customer’s growing data repositories. Despite the increasing move to automation, we believe that an engineering review of input data and results is incredibly important.

Xpedite has a proven track record of delivering ground-breaking analysis of failure, operational and RCM data to produce bespoke insights into operating cycles, sparing requirements and system reliability. From delivering data driven advice, to creating innovative and robust solutions for industry, Xpedite can be trusted to deliver insightful analysis with a view to improving the efficiency and efficacy of the of the asset support process.

Xpedite analyse our customer’s data, providing them with intelligent reporting systems to allow the management of their assets. Xpedite can build bespoke tools to utilise the pragmatic, intelligent, and cost-effective presentation of information and data.

Xpedite are working with our customers to exploit their current data through digital twinning and digital thread applications. Our core activity, RCM allows the generation and capture of rich failure and maintenance data that can prove invaluable in service. 

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