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Reliability Centred Maintenance

There is an ever increasing pressure within the industry to maximise equipment safety and availability, whilst simultaneously minimising operating expenditure.

In the pursuit of effective asset care, various engineering analysis techniques have been developed to assist organisations to define the most appropriate asset management strategy. However, most are unable to comprehensively protect the safety of personnel and the environment whilst maintaining competitive advantage for the organisation.

Xpedite specialise in supporting organisations to apply a systematic process called Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM). This process involves a comprehensive analysis of specific assets or equipment to the review of an entire organisation. The result is a safe, defensible and cost effective failure management strategy to specify how the asset should be operated and maintained to deliver long-term value.

Our experience has evolved from over twenty years of assisting our customers with the application of RCM principles and the practical implementation of RCM derived strategies on complex assets within various industries. RCM projects are tailored to meet specific customer needs and range from one-off equipment studies to full-scale plant maintenance optimisation. This approach has allowed our customers to realise the long-term value and benefits of RCM.

Xpedite have applied our RCM process across numerous industries.

Please see our ‘Case Studies’ page to find out more.

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